The Supreme Dream Foundation Partners With The Boys and Girls Club of King County in Seattle, Washington To Host Pizza Party For Local Teens

April 22, 2021

CEO and Founder of the Supreme Dream Foundation, Supreme Bey traveled to Seattle, Washington recently on behalf of the Foundation to host a Covid-safe outdoor pizza party for local teens. The Foundation partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of Kings County, also where the event was held, to host a day filled with copious amounts of pizza and refreshments for local youth in the community. The smiling faces and full bellies of the teenagers in Seattle meant for a successful event for the Foundation, which continues to expand its mission of giving to communities all across the globe. Supreme Bey said of the event, "Traveling to Seattle and being able to give back to a group of teens at the Boys and Girls Club was wonderful. The kids loved it! The staff at the Boys & Girls Club were also so warm and welcoming, and we hope to partner with them again in the future."


The Supreme Dream Foundation Partners With Building Blocks And Memphis Street Ministries To Host St. Patrick's Day Party For Local Memphis Youth

March 17, 2021

The Supreme Dream Foundation, together with Building Blocks of Memphis hosted a St. Patrick's Day party for about 40 Memphis-area Youth at Street Ministries in South Memphis. The party included food and drinks from Memphis Pizza & Subs, cookies, and candy bags for the youth to take home. CEO Supreme Bey traveled to Memphis, TN to participate in the party and fellowship with the kids and volunteer staff. Our community partners, Building Blocks helped orchestrate the event with Street Ministries, and our Foundation looks forward to working with them again soon in the future. "It is always such a blessing and honor to give back to the community, and I could not be pleased with how everything turned out. I just feel like a humble servant doing his part," said Bey.

The Supreme Dream Foundation Nabs Popular Artist "Sister Cody" To Design Foundation's New Logo

March 15, 2021


The Supreme Dream Foundation has a new look, and it is with much pleasure that we unveil our new Foundation logo, designed by the illustrious Sister Cody. Sister Cody is a decorated artist and longtime friend of Supreme Bey who hails from Tucson, Arizona. Sister Cody's style of artistry is one that speaks to all of humanity, highlighting our capacity to feel as human beings, be one with ourselves, and to spread love.  Sister Cody's art is parallel to our mission at the Supreme Dream Foundation, where we want to serve others and spread love to not only the communities in the Memphis and surrounding areas, but all over the world. Here at Supreme Dream Foundation, we feel like our new logo helps depict our mission to serve all of humanity. 

Founder & CEO, Supreme Bey travels to Memphis, TN to participate in "Taco Tuesday"
September 22, 2020

Founder and CEO of the Supreme Dream Foundation, Supreme Bey traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to assist our partners, Building Blocks of Memphis with their weekly "Taco Tuesday", a program that was started back in April 2020. Together with the team at Building Blocks, Supreme helped pass out tacos to families in need during this COVID-19 pandemic. East Memphis Pizza and Subs once again provided the delicious food for the families, and the success of Taco Tuesday is solely because of the amazing partners' willingness to continue the effort each and every week to feed families in the community. On his experience of with helping feed the families in the community, Supreme Bey says: "It was such a pleasure to see the smiling faces of the families as we passed out the food. Also, to be able to physically be in the Memphis community and be help bring joy to people of all ages means the world to me. Feeding and helping others is such a spiritual experience, and I am honored to be in a position to help."

Taco Tuesday takes place every Tuesday with Building Blocks in Memphis, TN. To learn more about Taco Tuesday, or to be involved, please email us at:

2nd Week of "Taco Tuesday" Brings Out All The Smiles

April 14, 2020

The second helping of  "Taco Tuesday" took place yesterday in Memphis, TN. Building Blocks of Memphis was on hand once again to pass out tacos to families in need during this COVID-19 pandemic. East Memphis Pizza and Subs provided the delicious food for the families, and love and support is continuing to be given to the Memphis Community amid this worldwide crisis. To find out how you can be involved in this wonderful initiative, please email us at

First "Taco Tuesday" in Memphis A Success!

April 8, 2020

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020, The Supreme Dream Foundation partnered with Building Blocks Organization of Memphis to feed families Tacos for dinner for our new "Taco Tuesday" event to help feed families during this Covid-19 crisis. The Building Blocks committee was on hand to help distribute the tacos to families, including a family that included 9 children. We are incredibly thankful to Building Blocks of Memphis for letting us be part of such a tremendous effort to help the community during this worldwide pandemic. We look forward to feeding more families next Tuesday! The next Taco Tuesday will take place April 14, 2020. 


Supreme Dream Teams Up With Building Blocks Partner For "Taco Tuesdays"

March 30, 2020

The Supreme Dream Foundation has teamed up with one of our partners, Building Blocks of Memphis, to help feed families in the Memphis Community for the popular weekly food theme: Taco Tuesday. Beginning Tuesday, April 7, 2020, a chosen family, or families will be gifted with Tacos for their family to eat for dinner. Our organizations wanted to help families who are struggling to get consistent meals during this challenging time of the Covid-19, or Coronavirus Pandemic that is sweeping the world. We hope to increase the number of families that we feed every week so we can help relieve as many families as possible. If you or someone you knows could use 'Taco Tuesdays' in their household, please email us at:

Supreme Dream Foundation Partners with Local Memphis Nonprofit Organization

The Supreme Dream Foundation recently established a partnership with Building Blocks Mentoring Program, a local Memphis organization that "supports its youth with mentoring to empower social development, education, and self-awareness. BBMP will enable at-risk youth to improve their lives by building relationships with caring and willing adults from their community and other surrounding areas". With this partnership, The Supreme Dream Foundation hopes to combine its shared passion for changing youth and families' lives for the better, and to build relationships with families and schools in the community in order to help the youth thrive in their current and future lives. We are all dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for our Memphis youth and families.

October 10, 2019

To learn more about The Building Blocks Mentoring Program, visit their website

The Supreme Dream Foundation Names Former University of Memphis Basketball Player Jeremy Hunt As Board Member

April 29, 2019

Memphis, TN

April 29, 2019

The CDR Supreme Dream Foundation is happy to announce they have named former University of Memphis alum and basketball player, Jeremy Hunt, as a Board Member for the Foundation. Hunt, a Memphis native, has several years experience working with local Memphis youth as a basketball trainer and mentor. With Hunt being local in the Memphis community, it gives the Supreme Dream Foundation a perfect liaison in Hunt to connect with the youth, and to seek out what else the organization can do to help drive its mission. The Foundation looks forward to Hunt adding his insight to the organization's culture, and he serves as a great ambassador for the city of Memphis.

The Supreme Dream Foundation Announces Scholarship Fund


March 1, 2019

The CDR Supreme Dream Foundation recently announced the erection of their Supreme Dream Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund was created as a means to give low income students in the Memphis-city area a chance to attend The University of Memphis for four years, tuition-free.  The SDF Scholarship aims to give eligible students the opportunity to expand their education in an effort to help them reach their career goals and dreams, and with the help of charitable donations and sponsorships, the Supreme Dream Scholarship Fund was formed. Applicants hoping to receive the scholarship will fill out an online application, which will include the student telling SDF why they want to attend The University of Memphis. All of the entries will be reviewed by a board of directors and executives of the SDF. The deadline for all applicants to apply is June 14, 2019. The Supreme Dream Foundation is very excited to provide financial aid to help local students realize their dream of pursuing higher education at The University of Memphis. The Foundation hopes that with the generous help of donors, sponsors, and support from the community, The Supreme Dream Scholarship Fund can grow and send dozens of students to The University of Memphis every single school year. 

 1st Annual CDR Holiday Blessing Event A Success!

December 25, 2018

Memphis, TN

On Sunday, December 23rd, The CDR Supreme Dream Foundation put together its very toy giveaway for the children of Memphis, The CDR Holiday Blessing. The event was held at The Capleville United Methodist Church Gymnasium, where the Foundation was able to gift over 30 families with toys and clothes for the Holiday Season. In a short period of time, The CDR Supreme Dream Foundation was able to garner donations and use personal resources to provide Holiday gifts in the form of toys and basic necessities like packages of socks and undershirts for children in need in Memphis, TN. After seeing how quickly the community came together to help ensure that the CDR Holiday Blessing was a success, this further lets The CDR Supreme Dream Foundation know that there are wonderful opportunities to help children learn the tools to not only thrive in their childhood, but also to lead happy and healthy lives.  

The Toy Giveaway garnered media attention as well, as the local Memphis newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, wrote an article shining a light on The Holiday Blessings Event. You can read that article by clicking on the photo below: