Supreme Dream Foundation Partners with Local Memphis Nonprofit Organization

October 10, 2019

The Supreme Dream Foundation recently established a partnership with Building Blocks Mentoring Program, a local Memphis organization that "supports its youth with mentoring to empower social development, education, and self-awareness. BBMP will enable at-risk youth to improve their lives by building relationships with caring and willing adults from their community and other surrounding areas". With this partnership, The Supreme Dream Foundation hopes to combine its shared passion for changing youth and families' lives for the better, and to build relationships with families and schools in the community in order to help the youth thrive in their current and future lives. We are all dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for our Memphis youth and families.

To learn more about The Building Blocks Mentoring Program, visit their website

Supreme Dream Foundation Looking To Partner With Local Businesses to Push Scholarship Fund Forward

Memphis, TN

September 25, 2019

The Supreme Dream Foundation is seeking to gain more visibility in the Memphis and surrounding areas, because it wants to make its mission widespread to the community. A great way to do this would be to partner with local businesses in the Memphis and surrounding areas who would like to be more involved in helping the community, or who are already involved in the community. The Supreme Dream Scholarship Fund was created to give low-income students the opportunity to attend the University of Memphis for four years, tuition-free. We believe the the youth are our future leaders, and want to provide equal opportunities for students to attend college, no matter what their families' incomes are. With the help of local Memphis businesses contributing to the Scholarship Fund, we could potentially send dozens of Memphis scholars to the U of M every single year. Memphis businesses who want to partner and contribute would then become official Partners of the Supreme Dream Foundation going forward, where their business names and logos would be constant fixtures on our website, social media pages, and also future events for marketing purposes. If you or your business are interested in partnering with the Supreme Dream Foundation, please email us at We truly appreciate everyone who has supported our mission thus far!

The Supreme Dream Foundation Names Former University of Memphis Basketball Player Jeremy Hunt As Board Member

April 29, 2019

Memphis, TN

April 29, 2019

The CDR Supreme Dream Foundation is happy to announce they have named former University of Memphis alum and basketball player, Jeremy Hunt, as a Board Member for the Foundation. Hunt, a Memphis native, has several years experience working with local Memphis youth as a basketball trainer and mentor. With Hunt being local in the Memphis community, it gives the Supreme Dream Foundation a perfect liaison in Hunt to connect with the youth, and to seek out what else the organization can do to help drive its mission. The Foundation looks forward to Hunt adding his insight to the organization's culture, and he serves as a great ambassador for the city of Memphis.

The Supreme Dream Foundation Announces Scholarship Fund

March 1, 2019

The CDR Supreme Dream Foundation recently announced the erection of their Supreme Dream Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund was created as a means to give low income students in the Memphis-city area a chance to attend The University of Memphis for four years, tuition-free.  The SDF Scholarship aims to give eligible students the opportunity to expand their education in an effort to help them reach their career goals and dreams, and with the help of charitable donations and sponsorships, the Supreme Dream Scholarship Fund was formed. Applicants hoping to receive the scholarship will fill out an online application, which will include the student telling SDF why they want to attend The University of Memphis. All of the entries will be reviewed by a board of directors and executives of the SDF. The deadline for all applicants to apply is June 14, 2019. The Supreme Dream Foundation is very excited to provide financial aid to help local students realize their dream of pursuing higher education at The University of Memphis. The Foundation hopes that with the generous help of donors, sponsors, and support from the community, The Supreme Dream Scholarship Fund can grow and send dozens of students to The University of Memphis every single school year. 

 1st Annual CDR Holiday Blessing Event A Success!

December 25, 2018

Memphis, TN

On Sunday, December 23rd, The CDR Supreme Dream Foundation put together its very toy giveaway for the children of Memphis, The CDR Holiday Blessing. The event was held at The Capleville United Methodist Church Gymnasium, where the Foundation was able to gift over 30 families with toys and clothes for the Holiday Season. In a short period of time, The CDR Supreme Dream Foundation was able to garner donations and use personal resources to provide Holiday gifts in the form of toys and basic necessities like packages of socks and undershirts for children in need in Memphis, TN. After seeing how quickly the community came together to help ensure that the CDR Holiday Blessing was a success, this further lets The CDR Supreme Dream Foundation know that there are wonderful opportunities to help children learn the tools to not only thrive in their childhood, but also to lead happy and healthy lives.  

The Toy Giveaway garnered media attention as well, as the local Memphis newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, wrote an article shining a light on The Holiday Blessings Event. You can read that article by clicking on the photo below:


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